Info Regarding Collected Data

As most of you probably already know, the API is storing some data in it's backend and is being reviewed weekly.

Legally, we are required to share what info is being collected and stored, as well as what we do with the info, therefore this page was created.

GDPR - In order to comply with Right to Erasure, we allow everyone to send an email to with a notice of Right to Erasure in order for your data to be removed entirely from the CloudAPI databases.

Limitations; We are allowed to keep all data regarding you if we decline the RtE notice, which happen in the next cases:

  • You have history with our moderation team which resulted in: A permanent ban from the cloud; 3 or more bans; 2 or more confirmed alternative accounts with an active ban.

  • You used our API within the last 72 hours before the request, or at any time after the notice being sent.

  • Your Roblox account is not terminated/deleted, and you have an active ban.

FYI; Logged stuff is stored for up to 7 days, while Saved stuff is stored until further notice.

The following is stuff we consider Saved;

- Client-sided Redefine:A settings | Not regulated by the team; Used to let users save their Redefine:A settings across all games with the system.

- ReSync settings | Not regulated by the team; Used to let users save their ReSync settings across the games that use the same token.

- API tokens and games they belong to | Checked monthly in order to maintain API safety; The tokens lead the data where all settings go for ReSync, Nano and Redefine:A.

- Global Banlist DB (UserId, Reason, Moderator and History) | This is a database which is being used in all games with products, such as but not limited to Redefine:A, Nano, ReSync, and all future projects from the teams behind, Axelius, or anything related.

- Verification (using OhWly) | This is used in order to store player verification in Discord. Usually flushed once every quarter of a year

The following is stuff we consider Logged;

- IP addresses of root API site visits | Mainly made in order to follow attacks before they could develop into something worse. IP addresses are not stored for any other purpose other than that.

- API Calls, alongside their branch and Game IDs associated with them | Mainly for analytics purposes and to catch API abuse. Checked weekly.