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i took an agonizing amount of time to write this so please applaud whether it's good or bad - sezei 2021


This project is a collab between Sezei.me and Axelius. As of writing, the system has 400 sales, is trusted by big games (such as Fruit Juice Tycoon) and is updated constantly to add new features.

Learn more about it in Devforums, or feel free to already take the model.


This is currently my most 'well-known' project I've worked on since the 19th of October, 2019. It went through a lot of versions, builds, and rewrites. It also currently has around 620 sales at the time of writing this portfolio.

Learn more about it in Devforums.

Swords Play (Advance)

A game I am working on which includes sword fighting with powers.

Still beta, might not finish it because of real life reasons, but feel free to play it here.

Project P299R

A project made to recreate the experience Person299's Admin had from the pre-2012 era of Roblox (Before Kohl's).

Sadly, this has been abandoned, hence the project has been open sourced unfinished. Feel free to take the module.

YAFN UI Overhaul

Additional Stuff I made

Anvil-Style Health UI


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Email: trash@sezei.me (actually.. just use binary@sezei.me ;-;)

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